“You” on Netflix. My quick thoughts

“You” is about Joe, who works a bookstore and is more than you average book store clerk. Surprisingly this bookstore becomes the center of a lot of the plot throughout the season. Joe comes across Beck after she visits the bookstore one day. They have some chemistry but it’s seemingly more lust coming from his end rather than hers. He becomes more or less obsessed with beck and he begins to research her, follow her, and learn everything he can about her, all without her knowing a thing. He’s good.

Let me say this first; there is so many instances in this plot that are hard to ignore that are so unrealistic. I’m not going to spoil any of that for you, but you’ll get a kick out of it. As if any of this would happen in real life (although it is possible) some of this *&% would never fly. Like, how is some of this stuff going unnoticed. At least for me, it didn’t take away from the enjoyable story line and characters. So what is happening here, other than the stalking and overly creepy behaviors? After much pursuit, Beck starts to fall more for Joe and things between them grow to on again off again, then into something more serious, yet cynical. Like any other college age adult, Beck has a list of friends who never leave a dull moment to add to the show. There are some good supporting characters here that dip in and out as main characters in the plot, at times. Peach, to name one, is Beck’s good friend who brings a lot to the story and has a hate-hate relationship with Joe. There is also Joe’s ex, his co-worker Ethan, and Paco who is his pre teen neighbor who has an abusive family and stuggles to cope. I mean there is some sick and dark stuff that goes on this season, which I love. This is not your typical lovey-dovey teenage love story (you’ll find that out early on), but more of a story of lies, murder, frenemies, and stalking, all blended into a entertaining cocktail.

If you are curious, just give the show a chance and watch an episode or two. You’ll be able to determine if it fits your taste buds from there. Netflix did confirm a Season 2, which is cool.

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