“Tribes” by Seth Godin. My thoughts on the book

I try to go into self help books with an open mind. Sure, some are filled with common everyday tips that for some, bring everything full circle after seeing it on paper. And some put common, everyday ideas into perspective and inspire something within us that we may not have paid the greatest attention to. This is what “Tribes” has accomplished, in my opinion.

Tribes takes the concept of leadership and followership and details it as more of a partnership-one cannot exist without the other. Godin preaches that we all have leadership traits inside of us and uses various examples, metaphors, and personal stories to convey this idea. Do I agree with this? Sure, to some extent.

Godin stresses that tribes (the followers) are eager to have leaders that posses the key “elements of leadership” and that they all can co-exist in their own world, feeding off of each other. The relationship between tribe (follower) and leader (the reader) is to be driven by a confident, non-follower, motivated leader who’s vision draws in people to the tribe, willingly.

Ok, back to my thoughts. I, nor does anyone have all the answers and yes, I did learn a thing or two from this read. I did gain a deeper sense of empowerment but one has to find that within, and reading some book isn’t going to turn you into an insta-leader after completing it. This is why Godin uses understandable references and real life scenarios to really drive his idea home.

“Tribes” by Seth Godin is a good read for anyone who plans to have anyone every looking to them for advice or leadership. “Tribes” is a true perspective changer. Check it out

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