“The Silent Patient” by Alex Michaelides. My thoughts on the book

Two days. That’s what it took for me to finish this book. Luckily for me, I had the time to do so and didn’t have anything else pressing to stop me. The time flew by. I finished meals as quick as I could, did my exercises in exactly enough time as they required, and showers were stickily business- rinse, suds, rinse and repeat. Damn, what a book.

I was grabbed immediately- determined and fully committed, I had to finish. “The Silent Patient” is a story about a woman named Alicia that begins from the night where she brutally murdered her husband, shooting him to death, and her ongoing silence afterwards. She never spoke a word, not one. The story is told through her therapist, Theo. It would seem as is there wouldn’t be much to grab at you being that, you know, she doesn’t talk, and the story revolves around her. But let me tell you! There is love, heartbreak, trust issues, drug abuse, and of course murder, but not just in the physical form. There are many deaths here. It starts dark, just like I like it, and I found myself attached to the therapist, Theo, from the very beginning. He talks of his reasoning for getting into psychotherapy and his troubling past. I never knew what was coming next, even when I though I could. Nope. But, the “twist”…man oh man. I let out a loud “whaaaaaat” when I read it.

BRAVO Alex Michaelides. He is definitely a new author to watch out for.

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