The importance of looking poor: what do designer labels do, for you?

Some title, huh? Some time ago I watched some silly video online with the same tile that was about..yea…just that- how it’s important to “look poor” to avoid being robbed and profiled and etc. BUT, there was something to learn within the rubbish and falseness, and strangely enough I could relate some of it to many of my life’s beliefs. If you want a good laugh then check out the video sometime. Let’s talk about why I think it’s important to “look poor” and to not put too much credence on designer labels, unnecessary luxuries, and trying to impress people who really don’t give a fuck about you. So, let’s talk.

I remember reading how Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs would wear the same thing and why they did. As simple as the answer was, it still surprised me. They wanted to put as much time into their craft and business as they could and things like worrying about what to wear and everything that came with it would just get into the way. It made me think; why do I spend x amount on these labels and who am I really impressing? One of my beliefs is that the only people who matter are the ones who’ll be at my funeral, the ones who’ll shed tears at my passing. And they don’t care if I have on a $100 shirt on or a $10 shirt. (This is in no way saying that these are the only people who I care about, just saying that these are the only ones that affect me in any way).

Now fortunately for me, practicing this belief would prove to be easier than it would be for most because I’m already….cheap. Well not so much (yeah..ok) but I value a dollar and I choose to spend my money on more worthwhile purchases and on experiences (yeah……ok), we’ll 90% of the time this is true. My pessimism gets the best of me at times but I can’t help to look in people’s eyes in passing and wonder, how genuine is that smile? If something happened to me right now, would you really care, would you be affected? Most times the answer I conclude is naaaa not really. But that’s human nature I guess. We only really are effected by what affects us and to what alters what and how we do things. Honestly, that bothers me, but that that’s a whole different topic for a different day. What I’m saying is, invest your time and money into longevity and substance, whetever that is for YOU.

Seriously, think about. I’m not saying never look nice, never get haircuts, never put on makeup, or never dress up and treat yourself. But why put thousands into labels when you can spend a quarter of their prices and still look great or enjoy yourself. Also why have a metric shit ton of outfits? Like, why? I’d rather invest my money and spend it on something that will last a couple of years and on something that will last more than a season of go out of style faster that when I swiped my credit card for it. And these high fashion labels could care less about you yet you praise them (not everyone does).

I say all that to say this, for some, their hobby is collecting and they have expensive taste, to each is their own. Who am I anyway, and don’t let me stop anyone from doing what they like, this is just my 2 cents.


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