Overcoming addiction in 2019

Now not all addictions are necessarily bad for you, although there is something to be said about too much of anything is bad for you. We all have something that we tend to do more than other things. Some we are are ashamed of and others we do so much of that is plain to see and everyone may seem to see it but us. Lets talk about to good, the bad, and how to take control.

Some addictions just to name a few: Work, sex, masturbation, alcohol, love, fast food, smoking/vaping, caffeine, video games, tv, shopping, cell phones and social media

I’ll talk about myself for a minute. I’m going on four years of being cigarette free. My gosh..F*^% cigarettes, first and foremost lol. I mean I feel that I’ll always have the urge to smoke and that I’ll always fight that urge. I just…don’t…submit. I’ve since picked up vaping and quit that as well. That was somewhat easier to put down. Honestly when I think of picking either back up, I visualize myself old, wrinkled and with a giant hole in my throat, hooked up to many machines. Yes, I know it’s extreme, but I get addicted to things easy so I tell myself this, “You’ve quit already..multiple times, and if you start this crap again your never going to stop until it kills you”. A large part of me knows that to be true. I just can’t go back, or it’ll kill me.

This concept can be adapted into response to other addictions as well. If you, or I find ourselves over indulging in things that are adversely affecting our lives or our loved ones lives then..stop. Easier said than done, huh? I know. But think worst case scenario. Picture this, if you don’t stop spending so much much on designer clothes than you will lose everything; your spouse, your money, your house, and your peace of mind. Now when I say stop, if your goal is to not to stop but just to cut back then replace stop with cut back (not all addictions are life and death). Whatever your toxic vice is. Whether it be gambling, infidelity, nicotine, partying, or masturbation. Try the opposite. If your smoke everyday, go without for 24 hours. That’s the hardest part. IT HURTS I know, but just fight back and DO IT. If you blow half of your earnings every pay period, then lock that money up some other way, when you get it. Give it to a loved one and tell them to keep it no matter what. If you find yourself masturbating every day, look up some negative effects that may turn you off of it. You can do that with other addictions as well. Try searching “The dangers of ___”. You fill in the blank. I’m sure you’ll find something.

You have to own your addiction. Realize that you’re not perfect and that you need help.Talk to someone, pick up a new hobby that is the complete opposite of your addiction, find someone who is going through the same and see how they overcame. Hopefully you have that one person who knows a little bit more about you than most. Try casually running your circumstance by them and see what you get back. Regardless, you are not alone, nor should you feel ashamed. It’s best to seek help before things get to a point to where than damage is irreversible. Whatever you need to do, do it, what’s the worst that can happen. I mean, once you’re down the only place to go is up. You’d be surprised what you find if you just ask and act.

The universe needs you here and at your best.

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