Let it all work out…

First off, let me introduce you to this beautiful soul pictured in the cover photo here. Her name’s Joan. She’s my Aunt on my father’s side. The sweetest, nicest, most caring person God could ever give you. Have you ever had that one person that was the glue? The kind of person that people gravitate to and confide in indefinitely. The center of the family. She left this world on August 19th in 2009, no more than 24 hours before loosing my Grandmother. Months before making the biggest decision in my life. I was  still a kid. Needless to say, this was a very trying time for me and my family, and I’ve never really brought auntie up to anyone else until now, but I talk to her from time to time.

Fast forward to September 28th 2018. Listening to Lil Wayne’s new album along with the rest of the world is. I get to the last track…last verse. I break down, right in the parking lot of my job.

Wayne talks about the time when he was looking for himself only to find an apology letter that he wrote, just as I used to write. He then talks about the beginnings of his path to self destruction and mentions that he attempted suicide, only after he calls his Aunt seeing that she was the only one who can stop him, just as I do. When I feel my worst, I call on my Aunt…every time. Wayne ended up taking his mother’s gun and shooting himself at only nine years old. He realizes that he came out alive only to find God by his side, right there to show him a better life and told Wayne to let it all work out. Just as God did for me.

It’s hard for me to listen to this song without shedding #happytears , pretty much impossible,  but I like it because I think of the good times and I find comfort in calling on my Aunt. Love you Auntie!!!!

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