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This stupid little interview…Something that I like to do everyday is put on YouTube as a wind down from work. It’s something so trivial and is routinely done everyday like clockwork. It’s stupid I know, but it’s what I do, it’s what I like. So when I say stupid I mean that some so unassuming could be life changing. Usually it’s an interview I watch on YouTube or some news wrap up type of video, or something completely random. My wife told me that Taraji P. Henson was working on a project pertaining to mental health. She knows me and figured that this may be something that would be in my interest. Even after knowing all of this, what I heard from this interview floored me. I was stopped dead in my tracks.

We’ve all heard the term “speaking to my soul”. Let me say the words that came from her mouth echoed the events and thoughts throughout my entire life. Let me just say this, SINCE THE AGE OF FOURTEEN I HAVE BATTLED WITH DEPRESSION. So I know the language, I could relate to what Taraji had to say. I can relate to attempting to open a conversation about my fears and anxiety just to be told to TOUGHEN UP and to BE A BIG BOY. I know what is like, and even more important, I KNOW THAT I AM NOT ALONE. I remember the teacher telling my mom that she was sure that I had ADD and recommended special education. I was raised in an “old school’ black household. I’m no dummy, I know that every “strong black woman” cannot be that everyday. Everyone goes through shit, but its never addressed. We all are just going through life as if we don’t struggle mentally, as if everything is “all good” as if we don’t cry inside, regardless of how “fine” we may seem outside. I made a blog post on my old website entitled “Real Friends” and I was my most important. I talked about the lack of real friends that men that men have..the lack of real friends that I had. How can we talk about everything else and not our brains? not our mental state? why??? My “friends” wanted to be friends only the weekend and go out, but what about Mon-Friday? How can you be my friend if you don’t care about…me? The times must change, and the conversations about metal health awareness must happen. I know first hand want it feels like to feel that you have no one to turn to.

I will say that I do love the push for mental health awareness throughout the past few years. I mean look, who am I? I wrote book on depression loosely based on parts of my journey. I’m just a man telling pieces of my story but for some, a few words from anyone helps. I would love nothing more than to be those few words, for anyone. We need you here and at your best. Contact me on social or email (links are all here on this site)

-Let’s talk

Also, thank you to Taraji P. Henson for existing and spreading the word. We need you 🙏🏽

watch the interview –>>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABivxYB6GWw&t=1927s

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