Joe Rogan is headed to Spotify. What this means for podcasters.

Recently Joe Rogan, the host of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, partnered with Spotify to host his podcast exclusively on the platform in a 3 year deal. Now, his podcast is arguably the largest and most lucrative podcast out there. This is huge. A power move.

Now Spotify won’t own the rights to the show, it’s just exclusivity. These are the deals you can make once you build your brand and are able to leverage, using the already proven impact of what you bring to the table.

The fact that Spotify is able to see the value in podcasting and the value in investing into the art while it’s still in its early phase speaks to the importance of the art of podcasting. Being a fellow podcaster, I’m happy to see news like this because it relays the value of creators, podcasters, and hosts to a wider audience. And trust me, it’s not as easy as it looks. A good podcast is supposed to sound as if it’s just a casual, intimate conversation that involves the listener. By every measure imaginable Joe’s podcast is good and was already good before the deal.

The Joe Rogan Experience will start migrating to spotify starting in September.

Do you already have Spotify? And will you be tuning in? I joined the dark side once the Joe Budden podcast made their switch to Spotify.

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