How do you (blog)??

More often than not, I am inspired to write by a single song. I could have listened to it earlier in the day or in the moment, but I take a mental note of how I felt when I heard the song and what it inspired me to write about. In a way, each post I make is dedicated to that song, more or less a remix of sorts. To keep track of this, I save a draft of the title that comes to mind, and in the actual blog description I only write the title of the song and the artist and a general idea of what the post will be about.  When I have the time to write, I play that single song on repeat and write. The content of the writing is almost always of similar content to the song. It seems kind of weird thinking about it but two things that I am passionate about are writing and music.

I like to be fully into the moment when blogging, so anything that can amplify the feeling and bring out the emotion in me, I like to do so.  …

I’m always curious as to how other people do or handle things. Let’s hear it

What’s your process?????

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