Eight to Infinity- Happy Anniversary to us

How can you make an eternity without experiencing today. How can we celebrate 60 years of marriage if we neglect on all that came before? How do we grow if we don’t reflect on what got us here and build on our past. The water to the sprout. The fuel to our flame.

Each year just as important as the last. How can we make nine if one is never added to seven. Each year a testament of love that never faded. Each year a new chapter to write in the books. Each year has to surpass the ones prior. How could it not. For if not, this year would cease to exist. There would be no eight, nor nine, or ten.

Picture this. Two kids, two friends, best at that. Later, lost in love, intermingled in intimacy. Only to find something special amidst the normalcy, something different than what they saw in every other example of “teenage love”. Something that they both knew could stand the test of time and conquer all. Picture knowing that love could grow to be so strong that nothing could ever come between. We did

Happy 8th anniversary my love ❤️

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